Thursday, April 1, 2010

SSIS carriage return in expression builder

Found it on MSDN:
Property Expression for the Message of an E-mail Message

The following property expression can be used to set the MessageSource property of a Send Mail task. The expression uses a combination of string literals, user-defined variables, and the concatenation (+) operator. The user-defined variables are named nasdaqrawrows, nyserawrows, and amexrawrows. The string "\n" indicates a carriage return.

"Rows Processed: " + "\n" +" NASDAQ: " + (dt_wstr,9)@[nasdaqrawrows] + "\n" + " NYSE: " + (dt_wstr,9)@[nyserawrows] + "\n" + " Amex: " + (dt_wstr,9)@[amexrawrows]

If nasdaqrawrows is 7058, nyserawrows is 3528, and amexrawrows is 1102, the expression evaluates to the following string.

Rows Processed:

NASDAQ: 7058

NYSE: 3528

AMEX: 1102