Friday, August 29, 2008

SSIS Directory exists

We needed to check if an old backupdirectory exists before we started processing it. I made a simple scripttask with a expression to the next stage:

In the scripttask we us the DIR function to check if a directory exists:

With an expression we check if can go to the next stage:

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SSIS Carriage return in annotation

One those things you tend to forget:
A carriage return (enter) in SSIS is done with control + enter

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

SSIS Variables in procedures

Say you have a procedure like this on your MSSQL db which you want to call from SSIS. It has an input and output parameter which we want to use: In SSIS we make two variables:

Add an Execute SQL task to your Sequence Container
In the properties set the name, description and connection. For the SQLstatement put:

At the parameter mapping set direction and Parameter Name. The Parameter Name should a sequence starting at 0. The sequence should correpond with the order of the question marks in in your SQL statement.

Run your package (F5) to see if it works

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SSIS Back in town.....


Started on a SSIS project today after being an OBIEE junkie for a year. There was a lot of stuff I knew I had done before, but how the F*&% did I do it? Natural conslusion: Let's start up this blog.

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